Obskurus is a team-building game that can be played almost anywhere. Together with your teammates, your goal in the game is to guess where the escaping teams could be and to stay on the run for as long as you can. Tactical considerations play a major role in the pursuit, and you can score points not only by escaping, but also by completing various tasks.
The system enables the smart devices in the teams to be connected, so if two teams are close to each other capture is automatically triggered. Other actions also operate automatically.
Your success depends on communicating with other teams and the administrator during the chase.
A game lasts for approximately 2-3 hours, and the higher the number of participants, the more exciting it will be! The minimum number of participants is eight, with four teams of two in competition with one another.


    Obskurus is available at the first online team-building event store in Hungary: TMBLDiNG
  • Hungarian Scout Association
    Game on National Scout Day and several times in Budapest and elsewhere across the country
  • Scout Association of Hong Kong
    Organization of team-building in Budapest in English language
  • Central European Jamboree 2018
    Organization of an English-language game in Dunaújváros
“I truly felt what a real-life manhunt could be like. I always felt that we were one step behind the escaping team. So we had to constantly make tactical assumptions about what they were thinking, or what would happen two moves ahead.”
(Peter, 24)

“It was great fun, and we enjoyed every moment. The tasks are varied and you can win in many different ways, with many different strategies.”
(Kata, 22)


We can arrange team-building games specifically tailored to your requests, almost anywhere in the country.
Participation fee: HUF 5,000 per player
Special price for students: HUF 3,000 per player
Our prices are negotiable for games with large numbers of players.
We charge a distance-related surcharge for games staged outside Budapest.
Our prices include VAT.


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  • I don’t fully understand; is this like a live-action board game?
    Yes, that’s exactly what it is!
  • So do you have to keep running for two hours?
    “Definitely not all the time – in fact, at times you’ll want to wait in cover. But there’s a chance that you’ll have to run!”
  • Do we need anything on our own for the game?
    No, we provide everything including smart devices during the team-building!


Gergely Kapovits
I’m an IT specialist and physicist, and primarily responsible for the development of the mobile application and our homepage.
Boldizsár Bárczi
I work as a structural engineer in Budapest, and I assist Gergő in programming. I came up with the idea of the team-building game.
Márton László Gerber
My specialities are graphic design and fine arts, and for Obskurus I’m primarily responsible for graphic design.